At home we show the best of ourselves: we share, we imagine, we rest, we enjoy our family and we help them enjoy.

Since 1980, we have therefore continued Pedro Pino’s legacy and created kitchens and bathrooms to be experienced. Satisfying and with rigour. Because living is our mission.

PINO, a great family

At PINO we have experience. We know that the family comes first and that we are all responsible for taking care of each other. More than fifty people every day guarantee an effective and trend-aligned product and service. Our distributors and customers are part of the team. So, you will always find someone from the PINO family nearby.

First kitchen cabinet built by Pedro Pino in 1967. This cabinet was part of the set he built for his trousseau. The piece was restored and is still preserved today.
Pedro Pino. We still feel the excitement and effort he instilled into us as a way of life.