Pino Cocinas Marion


A classic kitchen with a rustic touch.

A unique space with decorative features that achieve an overall classic feel. Golden elements bring an air of modernity. The framed oak door with a central panel is perfect for those who want something that lasts, for nostalgic people who miss their childhood memories. And yet, carefully selected colours and accessories contribute to upgrading the concept of a rustic kitchen by bringing it up to date.

Design: U-shaped design around a small central island conceived as the work area. This kitchen can be adapted to a closed room or to an open planned space which includes the living room or dining room. The separation of both spaces is achieved using a decorative feature that works both as a shelving and a table open on three sides. These elements lighten the overall design, which includes a large amount of furniture. The wall units are replaced with full vertical units placed over the countertop that can be used to store household goods or to serve as a pantry (in which everything can be hidden if the glass frame door doors are replaced with opaque doors). The stove area is lined with stone to facilitate cleaning, leaving a space in the wall for the range hood. Drawers have been placed in the base of the columns for easy access to the stored items.

Interior: Choose a soft grey interior matching the shade of grey of the doors. You can add fittings from our Albus premium range in chrome and white. These fittings are especially useful in the corner cabinets, as they optimise the storage space and improve access thanks to the pull-out trays. The drawers of the Slim range with stainless steel sides are perfect to provide the extra quality and sophistication this kitchen deserves. The side panel is made of stainless steel. A perfect and sleek design also in the interior.

Details: The signs of identity of this kitchen are the over countertop wall units, inspired in the old larders, and the auxiliary cabinets, inspired in the traditional auxiliary units. They integrate bottle ra

Colour: light grey (Silver LPA)

Finish: matt

Handle: matt golden knob and handle

Customisation options

We know that each house has its own personality. Therefore, we offer a wide range of customisation options, ranging from the materials used for the cabinets and doors, to the accessories that optimise the storage space.

In the following catalogues you can see all our customisation options.

PINO Commitment

In addition to abiding to the standards set in the Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, according to Royal Decree 1/2007 from the 16th November, we offer an additional free-of-charge guarantee of up to seven years covering any manufacturing defect that may affect the operation and use of our products.

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