Pino Cocinas Quercus / Rubra / Bennu

Quercus / Rubra / Bennu

Industrial and unstructured style for a sophisticated and original atmosphere.

This is an unconventional proposal, both for the design and the materials chosen. Each section is unique and different but the essence is maintained throughout by unifying all the elements to perfection.

Design: In this unconventional loft-type area, where an open planned space hosts the entire house, we have designed a chameleon-like kitchen separated into different sections and blending in with the environment to go almost unnoticed. The main objective is to meet the basic needs of a kitchen that offers the minimum functions and full storage capacity for everything necessary. But the kitchen itself is not the central axis of the house. The units are combined with other elements such as shelves, wine cellar and integrated or exposed appliances.

The table is the central element. Its large L-shaped design creates a multi-functional space, i.e. eating area, work, meeting, leisure, etc. The materials are iron, granite and wood, which are decoratively used mixing and matching them to create inspired combinations.

Large kitchen cabinets equipped with fittings or shelves are installed throughout the house. This is an example of the possibilities that kitchen furniture can offer in various parts of the home, creating different spaces which share the same style and materials, such as the library, living room, etc.

Interior: Choose a graphite interior, matching the colour of the fronts. The drawers of the Slim range with stainless steel sides are perfect to provide the extra quality and sophistication this kitchen deserves. Our range of graphite fittings offers functional and elegant alternatives to improve ergonomics. A perfect and sleek design also in the interior.

Details: The table unquestionably is the central feature. Unique materials are used all around the house: wood, iron, black lacquered aluminium, stone, etc.

Material: American oak veneer / laminate

Colour: Mohave Knotty Oak /Black

Finish: Matt

Customisation options

We know that each house has its own personality. Therefore, we offer a wide range of customisation options, ranging from the materials used for the cabinets and doors, to the accessories that optimise the storage space.

In the following catalogues you can see all our customisation options.

PINO Commitment

In addition to abiding to the standards set in the Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, according to Royal Decree 1/2007 from the 16th November, we offer an additional free-of-charge guarantee of up to seven years covering any manufacturing defect that may affect the operation and use of our products.

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