Pino Baños Artemis


Minimalist elegance.

A sleek style that fits well in any context. It seeks the perfect combination of beauty and functionality for a day to day use.

Design: the set includes a two-door suspended unit, a ceramic basin with reduced depth, a horizontal framed mirror and a two-door suspended column unit.

Details: Specially designed for small spaces, as the depth is 35 cm max.

Material: laminate

Colour: white

Finish: glossy


Customisation options

We know that each house has its own personality. Therefore, we offer a wide range of customisation options, ranging from the materials used for the cabinets and doors, to the accessories that optimise the storage space.

In the following catalogues you can see all our customisation options.

PINO Commitment

In addition to abiding to the standards set in the Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, according to Royal Decree 1/2007 from the 16th November, we offer an additional free-of-charge guarantee of up to seven years covering any manufacturing defect that may affect the operation and use of our products.

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