Pino is presenting its new signature kitchen and vanities collection, and a new identity inspired in people: the gift of living

Since 1980 Pino has been creating kitchens and vanities to improve people’s lives. We are living times of change, where our homes become shelters and places of expression to share, live together and be ourselves: reinvent and discover ourselves, share, love … cook.

In this new stage Pino intends to be closer to people by means of a strategic process that has led it, with the support of professionals and experts, to define new clues to address market challenges and align itself with the new lifestyles. Pino is presenting its new brand image and concepts in its kitchen and vanities collection 21-22.

the gift of living

At Pino we share the joy of being the way we are, because living is our mission. The gift of living is in our DNA, understanding life from a joyful and human perspective, and using sensitivity as our driving force. Pino’s new image is about people. It shows our passion for life, it reflects our vision and character: family tradition, accuracy, sustainability, responsibility, warmth and humanity.

the gift of growing

Pino is starting this new stage incorporating new partners into its journey. Cortijo y Asociados, a communication agency with a large international experience and experts in branding, has developed the new communication strategic plan and the company’s new brand image. With The gift of living, Cortijo y Asociados dwells further into the key elements that drive our organization, focusing on its distinctive features to keep strengthening them into the future: believing, creating growing. The new figurative mark has been devised for the digital environment, and shows a unique and distinctive character. Pino kitchens and vanities has established a partnership with Fernando Salas for the design of its new collection, giving prominence to all aspects of life in each area.

Fernando Salas is an interior architecture senior consultant and founding partner of SALASSTUDIO, the leading Interior Architecture company in Spain. He has contributed a new perspective based on his experience and excellent reputation in design work. Fernando Salas started as a trainee in the Martorell, Bohigas y Mackay architecture firm in 1964. His five-year-long stay would shape his future as a multifaceted designer. He has worked for some of the most reputed companies in Spain: Vega Sicilia Winery, refurbishment of El Molino (Barcelona), Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao for Silken Hotels, Ausonia Arbora Offices, Roberto Verino, Custo Barcelona, Dos Torres Restaurants …

Many awards confirm his successful career: Awards of the Spanish Association of Industrial Designers, Promotion of Arts and Design. FAD Interior Design Awards, Commercial Interior Design Award of the Basque Country, Fitur Awards to the Best Company Stand (Silken Hotels), Finalist at the FAD Interior Design Awards, for FORMICA Restaurant at  Casa Decor, among others.

21-22 Collection: adapted to the new ways of living our homes with the hallmark of a great designer

Our new kitchen and vanities collection will surprise you with a new colour range and materials that can be combines. New textures and finishes that take us back to the best of traditions in kitchens with and update. Green and blue, wood, combine with metal patterns, industrial glass and new materials to create an elegant, timeless and contemporary collection. A comfortable and high quality look.
Conceptually, the three creative lines that structure the 21-22 Pino collection revolve around a global concept of the home, from three viewpoints that represent three lifestyles:


Inspired in traditional architecture, with Mediterranean roots and a timeless and trendy image. It focuses on a sustainable commitment: rustic and tasteful environments, tradition updated. A classic in the forefront.


A contemporary vision of the home. Comfortable and functional spaces with a great potential for living: working, sharing, enjoying… Alone or with family and friends.

In loft with you

Contemporary spaces with colours, volumes and materials traditionally reserved for industrial settings. High tech elements share the centre stage with wood, steel and glass.

It is perfect for unique setting with a professional or industrial nature: lofts, industrial premises, studios, offices, food trucks… They incorporate new and functional materials with a strong identity.

In the words of Director General Juana Pino:

“To show PINO to the world we have just done one thing: discover ourselves and partner with professionals. Our new image and collection allow us to be closer to our clients and gives off light to underline our identity. Because at Pino we have the gift: The gift of creating spaces were life stories happen and that is what we want to convey with pour products.”

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October, 2021