At Pino we have the gift

We create kitchens and vanities to be lived because at Pino we have the gift of living.

More than 40 years working from our facilities located in Cordoba (Spain), improving people’s lives, overcoming challenges and reaching new goals.

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believe, create, grow

Since 1980 we continue the legacy of Pedro Pino creating kitchens and vanities to be lived.

With rigour and thoroughness, we are following the track Mr.Pedro Pino traced with hope and effort as a lifestyle, as a way of dealing and harmonize among home, work and family.

We know that we can be better at this changing and competitive scenario and our experience and our experience and career endorse it.

It’s time to be our best version.

the gift of living

An expression of our mission in life: there is nothing more important than to live.

A vital attitude which is present in all our projects.

A brand which reflects our personality: positive, close, familiar, constantly changing and open to the innovation.

the gift of creating

Our 55,000 m2 manufacturing and service plant with state of the art technology allows to be more efficient, save costs and provide guaranteed and competitive delivery dates. More than fifty people every day guarantee an effective and trend-aligned product and service.

By joining process and technology together we can offer an excellent response in manufacturing and a reliable, committed and effective incident management.

Design is at the heart of the process, understood as a strategic tool to change methodologies, create new products and improve people’s well-being.

Our kitchen and bathroom designs are defined by their ability to convey our vision, mission and values.

Panoramic view of the interior of one of our production halls. Click and drag to browse the image.

being ourselves, our best advantage

We have got our own logistics with a large fleet of vehicles allowing us to meet our delivery deadlines.

You will know when you will receive your order in advance: our Annual Delivery Planning makes sure that you will know the week when your kitchen or bathroom is delivered from the very first moment.

We do not fear commitment. We design and manufacture kitchens and vanities designed to be used and to last. We offer up to seven years extended guarantee in our kitchens and vanities.

software to make your work easier

Library integrated in Kitchendraw, Teowin and Winner Flex
The Pino library is available in Kitchendraw, Teowin and Winner Flex, the main software used by kitchen studios. We thus facilitate design, quotation and ordering for our network of distributors.

Proprietary software
We have got in-house developed software to facilitate quoting and order management. In this way we can provide all our clients with a tool to minimize errors and compare prices in an easy and reliable manner.

If you do not have your own designing software we provide you with a programme to design kitchens and visualize them with infographic quality, without having to bear the cost of purchasing a tool like this. Check with us the terms of this option.

distribution with a global vision

We have an extensive national distribution network and a growing presence abroad.

Even internationally, though demand is more heterogeneous, Pino manages to meet all market demands and to be competitive both in customising products and in the different price ranges, thanks to its wide assortment.

in the home... and beyond

Our experience in projects of all kinds has allowed us to set up a special division and to devote part of our production to the contract sector.

With a versatile and flexible approach, we adapt to the demands of operators, architects and distributors in search of a tailor-made product for each project, all over the world.