A space to live and flow

For this apartment in Benalmadena we have projected a plain-styled and functional kitchen for a small space with many possibilities.

The result is a perfect space to get rid of everyday obligations, enjoy yourself or your partner and lose track of time cooking new recipes. A kitchen to close the door, leave your concerns outside and just live and flow.


The space is conditioned by the access to the laundry room (at the end) the main door (at the opposite end) and its small size. It has been optimized thanks to a linear, custom-made furniture placed in parallel. This arrangement has several advantages: movement through the area is free, flow in work areas is smooth, and everything is at arm’s length with just a few steps.

Work area

The side allocated to work and storage area has wall units and cabinets with different combinations. It is equipped with a zara grey quartz (Silestone) countertop that continues as wall cladding and the inside of the sink; a functional solution (makes the work area cleaner), but also an aesthetic one (the space is a single unit).


Cabinet fronts are equipped with the laminated matt Braque 05 door model with integrated stainless steel flush handles. In this way we have a uniform surface since handles are hidden, smooth in sight and touch and highly durable to support the daily use of the kitchen.


The interior of the units has been designed to keep the kitchen in order. Everything is in its place and well organized with the different integration and storage solutions.

The interior of the drawers can be customized with modular bases that can be compartmented with separators to store pots, pans, bowls, etc.

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