All on black!

At Pino we create kitchens and vanities to be lived and shared with others, making everybody’s life easier.

This kitchen was planned by one of our agents in an interesting regionalist-style apartment building -originally a hotel- in Seville. The kitchen was designed to make the most out of the historic elements (original brick walls, high ceilings) and combine them with contemporary, elegant and functional finishes and equipment.

A kitchen to live at night

At night everything changes. The pace of life slows down and we prepare ourselves to rest. In many homes, dinner is the true moment to share: take stock of the day, review what we will do tomorrow, and indulge in ordering some food…

This all-rounder kitchen shows its full potential at night. The lights and the dark colours create a cosy atmosphere that invites us to relax and enjoy.

A “multitask” kitchen island

A place to celebrate, chat, laugh, work… and anything else you can think of.

The island is the centrepiece of the room. Its double height allow us to use it for very different purposes and situations. The higher area has been designed to work in a standing position, it is equipped with a state-of-the-art Dekton working surface and hosts the sink and working and cooking areas.

The lower area can be used as a bar counter and has been designed to be enjoyed while sitting, as if we were in a “show-cooking” restaurant. It is an innovative solution to bring together in the same island the work area and the dining area. In this case we have chosen a highly durable and resistant black pure granite countertop.

As a tailor-made suit for the space

The kitchen’s design is adapted to the existing space and integrated into it. Column furniture has been tailor-made for this room with high ceilings (3.20 m high), which is a feature of the old building to overcome the challenge posed by the uniqueness of the room.

The fronts are equipped with our Bennu model, with a silky touch and super-matt and anti-fingerprint finishing. This is the only way we would be able to enjoy a surface that is smooth and pleasant both in sight and in touch, and also highly durable to support the daily use of the kitchen and easy to clean.

This touch of comfort continues in inside of the cabinets housing the household appliances and providing different storage solutions.

Design or functionality, why choosing when you can have both?

Whenever you cook we want everything to run well and a tasty result. This is why we focus on creating functional places where everything is within reach so that you do not waste any time looking for where things are.

The interior distribution of cabinets and drawers makes organization easier. The different integration and storage solutions have been devised so that everything is organized and in its place.

For example, the plate drawer has a modular base integrating different applications such as separators for pots, pans or bowls, different-size dishes, trays, platters, etc. Container boxes segment the interior to classify whatever we need taking very little room.

You will remember this Pino kitchen because of…

Its design

The distribution of furniture, its two-level island and the black super-matt and anti-fingerprint fronts make the kitchen give some character to the space.

The range hood is the centrepiece of the room. It is a designer piece, manufactured in white Murano glass with state-of-the-art plasma filters that provides air recirculation without energy loss.

Its lighting

The kitchen’s lights are integrated and go unnoticed when they are not used, but infuse life to the space when they are on. Moreover, it adds functionality to the lower section of the island, the cooking area (since the lights are integrated into the range hood), and the auxiliary working area between the column cabinets.

Its ability to adapt to every time of the day

For us where, how and what we eat is not as important as the way we do it, and especially how we enjoy it. This is why we think in spaces where to live, work and share. Spaces that support us in our everyday life and that we can enjoy alone or with family and friends.

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