design by Fernando Salas
Line: Original    space: Lavadero

a “smart” space

Plan the space accordingly, get the most of the available area and, of course make a good interior distribution so you can accommodate everything you need. To make a good laundry room you need to know how to combine functionality and aesthetic to create a “smart” space.

Do you have a spare room or a room you do not use much at home? It is time to adapt that space for your laundry and ironing room. Do not have much space at home? Do not worry, as even in small flats, sharing the space dedicated to common tasks and habits such as cooking, eating or taking shower, you can save space by turning a corner in a small laundry area.

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In addition to abiding to the standards set in the Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, according to Royal Decree 1/2007 from the 16th November, we offer an additional free-of-charge guarantee of up to seven years covering any manufacturing defect that may affect the operation and use of our products.

design by Fernando Salas

Designer, founder of Salas Studio

Fernando Salas, a senior consultant in interior architect, has brought his external vision from his experience and prestige in design, enhancing the life nuances in each aspect.

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Inspired by traditional architecture, with a Mediterranean root and a trendy, yet timeless image.