Urban nature

Line: Original    space: Kitchen

the touch and feel of nature

If you like the touch and feel of nature, you will enjoy the texture of this open-pore lacquered wood that allows you to feel the grain. The countertop is made of a resistant material and the finishes evoke the natural stone.

This kitchen is designed to be used, to enjoy cooking and to spend long hours sharing special moments.

Perfect balance of shades and forms, in which nothing stands out or takes away the attention from an overall design that conveys resilience and trustworthiness. All details are designed with delicacy and exquisite care, seeking a final result of utter elegance.

guarantee up to seven years

We believe in ourselves: so we are committed to you

In addition to abiding to the standards set in the Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, according to Royal Decree 1/2007 from the 16th November, we offer an additional free-of-charge guarantee of up to seven years covering any manufacturing defect that may affect the operation and use of our products.

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Inspired by traditional architecture, with a Mediterranean root and a trendy, yet timeless image.